Marriage License

Marriage License

  • Both applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Both applicants must appear in person.
  • Each applicant must have valid photo id, driver’s license, state ID, passport or certified copy of their birth certificate.
  • Each applicant must know and provide their Social Security Number.
  • Applicants must wait 72 hours after license is issued before being married.  The license is valid for 90 days.  
  • If either applicant is divorced less than 30 days, a certified copy of the divorce decree waiving the 30-day waiting period is required.
  • The marriage license fee is $75.00.  With a Twogether in Texas Certificate, the marriage license fee is $21.00.  For Twogether in Texas Certificate information, visit the Twogether in Texas website
  • The Declaration of Informal Marriage fee is $46.00. Requirements are the same as a formal marriage, except for requiring the date when you began living together as a married couple.

Marriage Licenses


Complete a marriage license application;

  • Both parties appear together at the County Clerk’s Office located at 620 E. Main Street, Gatesville, TX 76528 or the Annex located at 210 S. 1st Street, Copperas Cove, TX 76522;
    • Provide a proof of identity using documents approved by state law, See list;
    • Not be divorced within the last 30 days (or provide a waiver);
    • Not presently married;
    • Not related to the other applicant;
    • Be 18 years or older to obtain a marriage license. Effective September 1, 2017, Texas Family Code 2.003 states, A person under the age of 18 years of age may not marry unless the person has been granted by this state or another state a court order removing the disabilities of minority of the person for general purposes.

Marriage License Waiting Period :

There is a required 72 hour waiting period between the time a marriage license is obtained and the ceremony (Texas Family Code, Chapter 2, Section 2.204 ). Unless an applicant:

  • Is a member of the armed forces of the United States and on active duty;
    • Obtains a written waiver from a judge of a court with jurisdiction in family law cases, a justice of the supreme court, a judge of the court of criminal appeals, a county judge, or a judge of a court of appeals;
    • Completes a premarital education course described by Texas Family Code Section 2.013 and provides the County Clerk with a course completion certificate indicating completion of the course within one year of the date the marriage license application is filed with the Clerk.

Marriage License Expiration:

  • A marriage license is valid for 90 days from the date it is issued;
  • If a couple wishes to marry after the expiration date, a new license must be purchased.

After the Ceremony:

The marriage license must then be returned to the Coryell County Clerk’s Office within 30 days from the ceremony date. The license will be recorded into public records and returned to you.
Return Address for completed marriage license:

Coryell County Clerk
P.O. Box 237
Gatesville, TX 76528


  • $75.00 license fee;
    • $21.00 with completed premarital education course (Texas Twogether Program). Must present certificate at time of issuance of license;

A member of the National Guard on federal active duty, or a member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty, who is preparing to be deployed to serve in a hostile fire zone as designated by the United States Secretary of Defense is exempt from marriage license fee

Name Change:

The information and application to change your name on your social security card can be found at